The Bigham Galleries Are Assisting During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Fighting Covid-19

William H. Bigham Galleries designed and manufactured washable and reusable protective face masks (non-medical) to demonstrate the galleries’ commitment in supporting the community during the coronavirus pandemic and the movement to save all lives.

Protective face masks were donated to the staff at the Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit, Michigan and to the clergy at the Cathedral of Grace St. John AME Church, Aurora, Illinois.

Requests for protective face masks were provided to long term clients, gallery supporters, neighbors, friends, COVID survivors and their families in Nashville, Tennessee, Chicago, Bolingbrook and Flossmoor, Illinois, Indianapolis, Indiana, Phoenix, Arizona and Toledo, Ohio.

Additional custom requests for specialty head wear was also designed and provided for cancer treatment patients.

Thank you for your continued support.

William H. Bigham | President & Owner


Protective Face Masks

Protective Face Masks And Head Wear